The ImmunoComb® line of products are rapid EIA (Enzyme Immunoassays) for the detection of antibodies or antigens in human serum or plasma. ImmunoComb® products consist of a solid-phase EIA. The solid phase is a plastic comb with 12 teeth, sensitized at different spots with reactive materials and an internal control. The test is performed in a quick and easy procedure by advancing the comb from row-to-row at specific intervals. Results are visible within minutes, appearing as gray-blue spots on the surface of the comb's teeth. Reading the test results may be done visually or with the Orgenics CombScan III™ optical scanner.


• Ease of use: Exceptionally simple, instrument-free procedure
• Economy and efficiency: Enables productivity of small-medium batch sites
• No instruments needed: Eliminates costly equipment
• Flexible format: Individual or multiple sample testing
• Uncompromising Quality: High sensitivity and specificity

Now every lab and point of care unit can benefit from multiple advantages of a rapid EIA kit, without the need for costly staff training, procedures and equipment.